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Who's making money with cannabis?
That's a loaded question and this piece by the Guardian goes deep on how marginalized groups like patients, disabled people, veterans - early champions of legalization- are finding "themselves ill-equipped to compete against well-capitalized corporate refugees looking to jump on the bandwagon."

Advertising cannabis = minefield
We're a cannabis marketing agency (in case you hadn't noticed). We love it when trade pubs write about the industry, or in this case, talk about it. Adweek's latest podcast discusses regulations around advertising cannabis products (that are determined individually by states) and how brands have to be extra creative (and extra careful) with their marketing efforts. Do they ever.

Tour de Toke
Breweries have had great success in doing tours of their facilities then handing out samples. Well, the city of Ontario is proposing new rules for recreational cannabis that would allow licensed producers to sell marijuana to consumers at cultivation facilities. We're so down with that.

FDA loosens reigns on CBD?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears to be softening its stance on CBD. It seems some officials believe that CBD should not be included in the DEA's list of banned substances at all. Call us cautiously optimistic?