In case you didn't know, Canada, after 95 years of prohibition, has legalized cannabis.  Here's a quick rundown on what you need to know.

So, what's legal?Pre-rolled, fresh or dried flowers, and cannabis oil are all permitted under the law. Cannabis edibles - like pot-infused jelly beans, peanut butter and coffee - won't be legal for another year. 

It's a free-for-all, right?Well, no. There are several aspects of cannabis consumption that are still illegal. Users must be 18 or 19 (depending on the province) to purchase, and there are strong penalties for those caught selling to minors. Canadians will be limited to the number of plants they can grow themselves, and can only hold 30 grams (one ounce) on their person in public at a time.

I'm going to Canada...right nowHold off. For now, what tourists can find on shelves is going to be "pretty restrictive."  Difficulty buying cannabis as well as lack of variety makes Canada an unlikely destination for cannabis tourists for the time being.  

Who are the players in Canada?
Plenty! Here's a quick breakdown of the most prominent brands, the products they are linked to, and who makes them. Our hot take about Canada? You can now openly invest in cannabis (such as buying stocks) and we're going to see a lot of Canadian dollars coming into the US. 

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