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More Sessions
Last week we shared our thoughts on Jeff Sessions This week, a columnist called him out with this line: "adherence to outdated dogma threatens to deny relief to those Americans who need it most." The publication? The National Review. We'll just leave that there. 

Opening Day
So, how much product did Californians buy on January 1 when California officially began commercial sales of recreational cannabis?  Scads and scads.

Women in PR: Our own Carol Ruiz
Have we mentioned how much we love Civilized? We haven't? Allow us to do so. And, share a link to a piece they did this week. The topic?  Women behind some of the top cannabis PR firms on the triumphs and tribulations of combatting a near-century-old stigma.

Hungry yet?
If you live in San Francisco you probably know food writer Marcia Gagliardi and her culinary adventures and reviews. She's appeared in pretty much every paper and station across SF. Here's her latest piecefrom KQED on underground cannabis dinners in the Bay Area. Yum.