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Are you prepared for federal legalization?
It's not a matter of if, it's when. The momentum is building. Cannabis will be legal across the land at some point. (Yes, we're optimistic.) Here are three things entrepreneurs need to do to prepare.

A different kind of water
Lime water? Pfttt. Cucumber water? So over. Cannabis water? Wait, what? Yes, cannabis-infused sparkling water is now officially a thing.

Cannabis prices falling?
Yep, according to the Wall Street Journal, the price of cannabis is falling across the country as states legalize for medical and recreational use.

Price check on aisle 420 has launched the first Real Time Price Per Pound Cannabis Commodity Index. The index will update cannabis prices in real time. The site's users can see the median price of a pound by state and nationwide thanks to the calculations of a proprietary algorithm.

Headline of the week
Marijuana Investing Goes Wall Street: More Ties, Less Tie-Dye

(It's a great piece on how the industry continues to go more pro.)