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The interesting, fascinating 'gift economy'
In DC, instead of storefronts and dispensaries typically found in legalized states, Washington has developed a thriving "gift economy" marijuana industry. These businesses--many offering delivery--sell everything from coffee cups to artwork--all overpriced and all "coming with a little something extra."

Snoop Dogg, performer, investor
Rapper Snoop Dogg is investing in Toronto-based Trellis, a cannabis inventory management software provider. Snoop's venture capital firm is leading with a $2-million seed round.

Wine & cannabis, in perfect harmony
We love podcasts! Here's one from Wine Enthusiast magazine talking with as they discuss the cultural impact of legal cannabis. What are the similarities between how wine and cannabis are produced and enjoyed? And where does recreational use of cannabis fit in with wine?

California? Booming (no surprise there)
According to BDS Analytics, Californians spend most of their cannabis dollars on flower-- a whopping $375 million in just the second quarter of 2017 alone. And if that wasn't enough, there are an estimated 1,100 dispensaries and 2,000 delivery services flourishing across the state with no end in site. 

Headline of the week

Study: McDonald's Is A Big Hit With Cannabis Smokers

Maybe even the year.