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Vegas cannabis lounges? Not so fast
Just last week we were discussing the potential for Nevada lounges. Things were rolling. Turns out there might be a longer wait for Vegas-type cannabis lounges or places to publicly partake. 

Sustainable farming gets lit
We keep reading more and more about sustainable farming for cannabis. It's certainly no easy feat. This profile looks at two brothers who are trying to put sustainable agriculture first--and change the way people think about sun-grown cannabis.

No bank account? No problem
A new company, Paragon, aims to build a blockchain (via tokens) for recording transactions in the legal marijuana industry. This could help cannabis companies that have struggled to get business bank accounts (because of that whole "federally illegal" thing). 

Former winemaker dips toes into cannabis
Mike Benziger sold his family's 85-acre winery in 2015, beat cancer (twice), started to focus on his health and is now back--growing produce--but also biodynamic cannabis. Cool story.

Headline of the week
Tailgating With Cannabis: 10 Strain and Product Must-Haves for Football Season
Hope you and your team score.