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Take a seat, liquor
The door is open! Nevada regulators say they'll open the state's cannabis distribution system to businesses other than big alcohol, rejecting an appeal by a liquor group to have total rights to transport. Regulators had allowed some retailers to provide their own transport, be that on cars, trucks...or busses. The wheels on the bus can keep going round and round - right guys? (Wink wink.)

Herb raises $4.1 million in seed funding
There's a funny joke about "seed funding" in there somewhere, right? Eventually, Herb wants to "become a site that you can visit for 'everything cannabis-related,' including buying weed from local businesses and getting it delivered to your home in just a few minutes."

Attention job seekers
A new site has launched that will allow job searchers to apply for jobs and create employee profiles, with a focus on cannabis-specific skills and software.

Good design: Always in style
Netflix has partnered with creative agency Carrot and a California cannabis dispensary to produce cannabis themes around several Netflix TV series. And? It's super awesome.

L.A.'s marketing earthquake
California cannabis companies are gearing up for the marketing gauntlet to recreational consumers, and brands are throwing exclusive events. For instance? A new, invite-only art gallery in L.A. will focus on "functional glass art" (hint: it rhymes with "gong").