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L.A. makes cannabis moves
Los Angeles has approved a new Cannabis Department head to oversee City Hall's new Department of Cannabis Regulation, a vote that comes as officials prepare for legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

CBD-infused water
A handful of cannabis companies are coming up with innovative new ways to tap into the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). In particular, CBD-infused water

Baking, er, banking services opens in Fla.
Orlando-based First Green Bank is giving new meaning to its name by offering financial services to cannabis businesses. It appears to be the first financial institution in Florida to serve the state's medical cannabis industry.

Wine & weed - Never boring
California is preparing to hand out licenses to marijuana businesses on Jan. 1. As a result, many are eyeing Northern California's winemaking regions as a pot of gold. One acre of cannabis grown in Northern California can be worth more than $1 million. Whoa.

CannaBus Culture Film Fest
In Fort Collins next month? CannaBus Culture Film Fest, who recently screened movies in Brooklyn are on their way to Colorado. They're screening cannabis themed short films and features at The Lyric Cinema in Fort Collins on September 22nd and 23rd. Want to see if the fest is coming your way. Go here.