Will the exit number be 420? We hope so. 
Here's one way to save a small, abandoned town. Nipton, CA, population 20, has been bought and will be turned into a "weed lover's oasis in the desert, complete with marijuana retail outlets, cultivation facilities and even cannabis mineral baths." 

Dust off your resumes
The state of Massachusetts is assembling a five-member board to oversee recreational and medical marijuana across the state.

The Pepsi Generation
A former Pepsi factory that sat vacant for a decade is being retrofitted as an indoor cannabis grow - one of the largest in Colorado. We're curious to see how many former, large manufacturing and commercial facilities will follow suit. If we were commercial Realtors? We'd be all over this kind of stuff. 

We're running out of clever 'app' headlines
A new app, The Knalysis Wellness Tracker, helps consumers pick the best strain for them, from treating chronic pain, sleeping or relaxing. Here's what's even cooler: The company is collecting hard data to support medicinal cannabis use. The data "collected by Knalysis could sway lawmakers in the United States and other countries that haven't legalized medical marijuana yet."

Headline of the week!
Move over canned foods, make room for canned pot.
It's uncanny. (We try.)