San Francisco Approves 'Office of Cannabis'
We've been following this and posting about it. One thing we want to know: will there be an Assistant to the Regional Manager

Forecasting Sales Of New Cannabis Products
Sure, it's sounds a bit wonky but it goes deep. And if you're an entrepreneur? Read this before you print business cards.  

Float on?
Can you partake on a boat, even in states where it's legal? That's a big fat no. According to the US Coast Guard, "it remains illegal to consume while on a boat in US waters-even if you're in a state that has legalized cannabis."

Total eclipse
Next month in Oregon there's going to be a total solar eclipse. And? It might break state sales of cannabis.

Headline of the week
5 celebrity dads who use marijuana

Here's a hint: Their first name of one of the five is "Willie."