Commercial space meets cannabis
How hot is the Denver market for industrial warehouse space being used for cannabis? Marijuana grow operations are commanding lease rates two to three times higher than the average for comparable properties. So, yeah, blazing hot.

Wine, cannabis, and big money
There's the wine industry. There's the cannabis industry. The two go hand in hand. But, as a business, the growing cannabis boom has many wine makers worried.

Things that make us go 'hmmmmm'
The world of DIY cannabis concentrates just got a big boost from an unexpected source: Walmart. Yes, that Walmart.

Vending machine for cannabis?
Has someone finally figured out the vending machine concept? Maybe. A company has rolled out a biometric vending machine for booze and cannabis that dispenses with the usual ID checks - as long as customers pre-register to use it. 

A brief history of the vape
They're getting smaller, more techie, and they've seen a whopping 500% growth. Whoa. 

Cannabis shortage?
Yep. In Nevada. And it's a little more complicated than just not having enough.