Here comes Orygun
An economist is forecasting Oregon could soon rival Colorado in cannabis sales. Or maybe not, thanks to a few factors. One thing is for sure, says a new report: Oregonians smoke pot at a higher rate than neighboring Washington residents.

7 Prince songs that refer to reefer
Prince. Damn it. Still hard to believe he's gone. But, his music lives on through songs. Here are seven of them that refer to cannabis.

Cannabis and craft beer
Can budding (get it?) cannabis entrepreneurs learn from craft brewers. Totally. Here's a line from an article that explains it better than we could: "Like craft beer in its early days, cannabis brands are challenged by confusion in the marketplace brought about by preconceptions, misconceptions, and inexperience."

Headline of the week
We love a well-crafted headline. Here's our fave for this week: Canadians Bogart Cannabis Deals In America. Heh. 

Come meet us!
Please join us and the Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) for the Tuesday Night Reception presented by Organa Brands following the National Cannabis Industry Association's Cannabis Business Summit.We'll have fabulous entertainment, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and incredible adult libations in a unique new venue, Gallery EVB, in the heart of downtown Oakland. June 13. Book it. Click here for more info.