Vegas rolls the dice
With July 1 looming, (when it all becomes legal) local officials are in panic mode to enact emergency rules to make things run smoothly. Yeah, they had a year to get ready, but there's no fault here. Regs are complicated.

Hey, ladies (and moms)
New survey says: It turns out that the modern marijuana user is likely to be a woman - and maybe even a parent.

Branded bad
Well, THIS is distressing. A proposed bill in California (really, Cali?) would ban cannabis-branded hats, t-shirts and other merchandise. Wearing stuff is like, half the fun. In fact, I'm wearing my awesome Higher Ground trucker cap as I write this.

Lynnette Shaw comes out swinging
"I'm the first P.O.W. to be released in the War on Drugs." Great line from Lynnette Shaw. She recently re-opened her famous dispensary after years of government battles. That's a line from her recent press conference announcing the opening. Higher Ground is proud of being a part of her homecoming.  

Three out of four Utah voters say yes
Utah's neighbors to the west, south, and east all have legal, regulated cannabis markets for both medical and adult use. Now a new poll suggests that Utah voters want to legalize medical cannabis in their state, too.