Canada's road to legalization
It looks like Canada is possibly on its way to legalizing recreational cannabis use - but the path to get there has been a bit rough.

And in Washington...
This week Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that changes the cannabis laws in the state, including forward progress on legalizing growing pot at home and creating the country's first state-run organic certification program for weed. (Insert fist pump here.) 

A look at what's up with High Times' former editor. You know you've made it when the New Yorker profiles you. 

Speaking of making it
If you would've told us five years ago that dispensaries would be featured in Architectural Digest...well, yeah. (PS: It's a great, visual piece.)

Come join us!
We're presenting at this month's Bay Area Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) meeting on May 24th at 6:00pm in Santa Rosa. Panelists include Angie Monette Harrison, Principal, 421 Group; Zack Darling, CEO, The Hybrid Creative; Danny Zlatnik, Esq., Rogoway Law Group, and yours truly, Robert O'Shaughnessy, Co-Founder & Partner, Higher Ground Agency. Hope to see you there!