Vermont legalizes
Vermont's Legislature became the first in the nation to approve a recreational marijuana legalization bill. No state yet has legalized marijuana solely through the legislative process, says the article in USA Today. 

Queens of the Green Age
This piece looks at how women are shattering the grass ceiling (Get it? Grass ceiling?).

Tracked and rolled
Medical pot patients could see their marijuana become "cleaner and safer, with the cost jumping about 10 percent, under new draft regulations for California's multibillion-dollar medical cannabis industry." 

'Smart' vaping the next big thing?
The Breeze Smart Inhaler says it will connect patients, caregivers, doctors and dispensaries to "deliver highly customized, effective and reliable canna-based treatment plans for people in pain."

Headline of the week
Nation's First Cannabis Drive-Through Opens In Colorado as Cannabis Sales Boom. (Can we really add anything to this?)

Come join us!
We're presenting at this month's Bay Area Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) meeting on May 24th at 6:00pm in Santa Rosa. Panelists include Angie Monette Harrison, Principal, 421 Group; Zack Darling, CEO, The Hybrid Creative; Danny Zlatnik, Esq., Rogoway Law Group, and yours truly, Robert O'Shaughnessy, Co-Founder & Partner, Higher Ground Agency. Hope to see you there!