4/20 Day: A lesson
We hope you enjoyed 4/20. If you're wondering how it got its name, check this post out. 

File under, 'we're not surprised'
Edibles are transforming into drinkables as some weed-legal states begin "licensing the sale of non-alcoholic beverages that contain THC as DIY mixologists are putting out cannabis cocktail recipes as fast as their minds can fire them up." Drink up. 

What's up with Oregon cannabis? Plenty.
Like? Well, weed delivered by bike, biodynamic cannabis, and brewing beer with cannabis. You know, Oregon stuff. 

Alcohol more dangerous than cannabis?
Yep, according to a new poll from DIG Insights that claims only 16% of Americans view marijuana as "very harmful," compared to the 27% who believe that alcohol was harmful. 

Tech meets green
We love a good tech story and even more so when it comes to weed. Here's a look at a start-up that is making waves. 

Congrats to Marijuana Business Daily
The publication has announced it's become an associate member of The Associated Press, giving the cannabis-focused news publication access to MJ-related stories from around the world.

Mark your calendars - Saturday!
Our own Robert O'Shaughnessy, co-founder of the agency, will be speaking at the New England Cannabis Convention on Saturday, April 22nd at 2:45. Joining him will be Roy Bingham, CEO of BDS Analytics and Parisa Mansouri-Rad of MaryJane Marketing. They will be talking about attention-getting strategies for cannabis start-ups including discussion about PR, brand building, data analysis, and social media. Tickets and info here.