New concentrate-infused products
Advantis is introducing a new line of premium concentrate-infused products that it will make available through its existing business partners, before kicking off a new marketing campaign. "This is a luxury-inspired, premium quality, vacuum concentrate-infused cannabis amalgamation that is more powerful than anything we've seen in the marketplace," Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz. "Several different exotic flavor profiles of some of the most potent medicine you may ever have, including strawberry, coconut and others." 

New app for 4/20
Metatron is releasing a new and revamped Canniboids app on 4/20., an Organic Nutraceuticals Portal, was designed for medical marijuana patients to have the resources to find the latest CBD news and connect to legal dispensaries. History has shown the weeks leading up to April 20th, dispensaries around the country show a significant increase in traffic and cannabis sales.The Cannaboids app was created by Metatron's subsidiary, i-Mobilize app division and was the pioneer to put any Hemp related app on iTunes, and this was the first app to market CBD based products exclusively. The app is based on Metatron's CDB portal and brand,

Get the word out on 4/20
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News of the weed
Here's a quick round-up of news we'd like to share: 

  • It seems like every week there's a piece on celebrities endorsing weed. But now, some are stepping away. Like Woody from Cheers (he's always going to be Woody from Cheers to us). 
  • Actual headline alert: Is Cannabis the Next Kale? Is it?