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We liked Rick Steves before it was cool
TV travel guide Rick Steves was in Chicago this week to speak about legalizing marijuana. "This is not a pro-pot movement. This is an anti-prohibition movement," Steves said at a press conference Tuesday morning in Chicago, where he appeared with Illinois lawmakers who are pushing a state legalization bill.

Hey there, fancy brand
Having a strong brand is crucial in today's cannabis market. Most high-end artisanal chocolates and celebrity-endorsed product lines all have beautiful branding. But now? Talk of honest labeling. Does the product you're buying match the fancy brand? 

High fashion
Since we're talking about branding, cannabis fashion has also seen a metamorphosis. Are tie-dye shirts and Birkenstocks on their way out? Nope. Never. But as cannabis consumption becomes fashionable, the world of high fashion is embracing the plant in subtle and bold ways. (Case in point? Our client, Bindica, manufacturers some of the coolest bags around.)

The data is in the details
MassRoots has entered into a technology-sharing arrangement with New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research and analytics firm. No details yet but it's worth watching.

Blast from the past!
This nug from two weeks back keeps coming up in our conversations. With Baker acquiring Grassworks, lots of opinions being heard from the perspectives of tech, capital, and the law. How this plays out is anyone's guess. 


Client kudos

Shout-out to our client, GrowDirector, the only controller to turn plant cultivation into an automated process for all home growing needs. They launched their Indiegogo campaign this week and have (as of this writing) hit their goal. Congrats!