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A mainstream cannabis beer? 
Something is brewing with Constellation Brands, maker of Svedka vodka and Corona beer. They just dropped $191 million for a 9.9 percent stake in Canada's Canopy Growth. Does this mean a cannabis-infused Corona on the horizon?

Sportsball softening to cannabis use
Suddenly, the National Basketball Association appears to be opening up to the use of cannabis among its players. In recent days several league stakeholders have spoken out in support of both medical and recreational cannabis.

Cannabis and wine country, Oregon style
We've written tons on California wineries, cannabis and the challenges and opportunities. This piece looks at how Southern Oregon is responding to some great opportunities. Said one winery owner, "Cannabis is just another crop... You can't keep cannabis down."

FDA launches warning
The Food and Drug Administration this week warned four companies to stop making "unproven claims and to stop selling cannabis-based hemp and marijuana products that claim to treat cancer or any other medical condition." We're watching how this one plays out.