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California announces cannabis regs
California released its cannabis regulations yesterday and if you're anywhere close to producing, promoting, or selling anything cannabis related it's going to affect you. Read more here. 

Must-see TV  
Meet the founders behind Toke.TV, the first live-streaming video platform and social community built for cannabis enthusiasts and the cannabis curious. 

Washington or Oregon: who's winning? 
Each have brought in millions in tax dollars for cannabis, but one state seems to be making more cash from their cannabis sales. Or is it a tie?

Nice meeting you at MJBizCon
The show wraps up today and we're all (sadly) leaving Las Vegas. I met tons of cool people, saw some great products, and forged new friendships. If we didn't trade info, feel free to email me here to follow up!

Headline of the week!
Budweiser's ex-marketing chief sees cannabis as the new craft beer

And (surprise!) he's getting in on the action.