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Growers innovate to lower energy usage
For many growers, the business comes with high energy bills and a heavy, carbon footprint. Read how farmers are starting to address the issue by innovating and experimenting.

Women of color find their niche
In 2013, the American Civil Liberties Union found that black people are nearly four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white people - even though the two groups use marijuana at roughly the same rate. Read how women of color are helping to change that.

Right-wing activists block access to medicine in San Francisco
In San Francisco's Sunset District, an epic battle for safe access to medicine has reached an unhappy conclusion. The Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative activist organization who has recently set their sights on fighting safe and legal access to cannabis, slyly argued that the highly respected Apothecarium is “no different from a street-level crack dealer” and, miraculously for a city many people think is progressive, the argument sadly won the day. Read more here.

SF legend goes legit
If you've been in San Francisco for any amount of time you probably have heard of Truffle Man and his long-running cannabis chocolate edibles devoured by Dolores Park-goers.  Well, he's leasing space in Oakland. For a storefront. Changing times, man.

Cannabis is ready for its close-up
A Washington photographer has spent the last three years capturing cannabis for major publications and agencies, all in the hope of painting the plant in the "positive light" it deserves. And, yes, the photos are gorgeous.