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Washington state sales soar
Cannabis sales in Washington state continue to grow at a steady rate, with total 2017 sales topping $1.1 billion at the end of September. The state's nine-month sales total of $1,101,853,539  fell just short of Colorado's sales from the same time period, which totaled $1,118,207,832.

What's in a name?
Well, plenty. Take marijuana. Around here we avoid using the word. It's got a bad history and bad vibe. This op-ed piece asks: Does it matter if we call it pot, or weed, or cannabis? Absolutely. We agree.

Headline of the week

A Record High 64% of Americans Say Cannabis Should be Legal

We see what you did there.

Empowering women
Between the deep-rooted stigma of cannabis-friendly motherhood and the longstanding trope of using women as sultry props in pot culture, it can be difficult for women to find their voices in today's ever-expanding cannabis narrative. That's where companies like Van der Pop come in.

The heartbreaking, devastating NorCal fires
Now that the fires are smoldering and close to being out, the disaster has been dropped off from the headlines. Homes, businesses and people's lives have been destroyed. Cannabis growers and their crops suffered major damage. And, though not talked about much in the press, many in the industry are struggling to come back.