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Here comes Pennsylvania
A medical marijuana grower/processor in western Pennsylvania has become the first state licensee to receive the go-ahead to begin production. Let the floodgates open. And speaking of Pennsylvania, the ACLU is making the case for legal marijuana there. 

And...Michigan checks in
Michigan officials are expecting a rush at the end of the year when the state begins offering applications for those wanting to start a medical marijuana business. The license applications for five categories of medical cannabis licenses: growers, processors, testers, transporters and dispensaries. 

Cannabis and careers
Karson Humiston wants to bridge the gap between workers interested in cannabis careers and companies looking to grow their business. She's the founder of online career platform Vangsters, which provides a central location for cannabis employers to find potential employees. Humiston isn't even thirty. Exciting times for our industry.

Help growers from the wildfires (redux)
Remember that crowdfunding campaign we told you about last week to help out cannabis growers wiped out by fires? It's been canceled. The crowdfunding site rejected money since, well, you know, marijuana. Even though no product was being sold. Lame. No fear, though. A new campaign has been set up. Donate away.

New client: Banana Brothers
We're very proud and honored to be helping Banana Brothers bring to market a revolutionary and top-secret new product. Shhhhh. For now.