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California wildfires continue
Wildfires continue to spread in Northern California and the toll is heavy, not only for its residents but for growers. The losses for farms is staggering. The California Growers Association has started a wildfire relief fund to support its membership. If you'd like to help, go here.

Space is the place
Our school science experiments were never this cool. A group of-let's just call them-researchers recently sent a pound of cannabis into space. What happened to it? Well, it fell back to earth. There's more to the story, though.

Oregon distributes cannabis dollars
Oregon's Department of Revenue has distributed nearly $85 million in state marijuana tax revenues. After three years of being legal in Oregon, the money from the sales of cannabis will benefit schools, alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs, other public health efforts, law enforcement and local governments. 

Headline of the week

Bad Cannabis Headlines Dangerously Misinform Readers

Meta, right? But, the article does make a good point: a bad headline can frame a cannabis story the wrong way. And that's a problem with legalization issues. 

Welcome aboard, Bindica!
Higher Ground is very pleased to welcome a new client to the family: Bindica. They design stylish (like Paris runways stylish) storage accessories that reduce cannabis (and other) odors.