Increasing green yields
Two Kalamazoo entrepreneurs have launched AgTonik LLC to manufacture and market products containing an organic compound called fulvic acid that farms, greenhouses and hydroponics operations use to increase yields and promote plant growth.

Hydroponics operations that grow cannabis are among the fastest growing segments of customers using this high grade fulvic acid extracted from a mineral deposit AgTonik owns in the Southeast United States, said Andrew Bruex, CEO of AgTonik. The company has an 11,000-square-foot production facility in Kalamazoo and a 2,000-square-foot R&D location in Portage.

"Customers for this product include vegetable growers, poultry operations, a horse ranch, golf courses and a host of other businesses," said Bruex, who launched AgTonik with the company's Chief Science Officer and President Ralf Ostertag. "But the explosion of cannabis cultivation in the U.S. is like the old gold rush, and we are selling the pick axes and shovels."

New app connects to customers
American Green, Inc. announced a new app that will allow the company to deliver information, share offers or rewards and gather data anonymously. The data will improve the release of its native app Xpress and its ability to serve clients in general. The app can be added to a mobile phone screen exactly like something downloaded through the app store and can be shared through marketing initiatives or peer to peer. It enables the company to update content on the fly and through the interaction increase its knowledge of the market while communicating easily with large groups of people. The launch version features a survey of the cannabis market as a whole. The app will be regularly updated to feature new information, surveys, and product offerings. The company believes it's part of a new era in digital commerce as connectivity increases and devices continue to saturate the population. Applying technological innovation to create new forms of revenue is at the company's core. Download the app here.

Programs will get growers growing
HempTech Corp is offering GrowLease: lease programs for its flagship of automated grow systems for qualified marijuana grow license holders nationwide. The lease program would allow marijuana grow license holders to start growing immediately with little upfront cost. HempTech will provide its newest version of grow.droid, an Advanced Controlled Environment Grow Platform Engineered for Cannabis that could grow 24 plants, 48 plants or thousands of plants using the tent, container or facility model. The grow.droidâ„¢ system is a unique all-inclusive, automated Total Control Grow System. Every system is specially engineered for easy operation so users can start growing immediately with high-end, industrial-grade equipment and enterprise-level automation software. It is specially engineered with integrated agriculture equipment and software platform with set profiles and conditions for optimal grow and cycle performance. The plant profiles are customizable and can be created precisely for the needs of the individual strain.

Come meet us at Seed to Sale in Denver!
Higher Ground is participating at this year's Seed to Sale Show in Denver. I'll be appearing on the Advertising & Marketing Committee Roundtable, January 31, 11:30 am - 12:15 pm. Mark your calendars for January 31, from 11:30 - 12:15 p.m. for the roundtable. If you're a communications pro, come learn, share, and collaborate on best practices. Bring your questions and ideas on communications and communications standards and leave with answers and action items. This session will be an open dialogue and a great opportunity to make your voice heard!

If you want to meet up before or after email me. Or just come up and introduce yourself.