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Get involved - let's talk!
Higher Ground's co-founder and marketing director Robert O'Shaughnessy is collaborating with the NCIA and Lisa Buffo and Paul Cullen Rowe, founders of the Cannabis Marketing Association in Boulder, to open chapters of the group in the SF Bay Area and Southern California. It will be one of the NCIA's active councils. 

Here's the scoop: The group will host frequent networking events with a dynamic speaker sharing actionable "how to" advice of interest to everyone trying to get the word out about what they're up to in our industry. 

The first speaker will be best-selling author and journalist David Downs. He'll be sharing pro tips on how brands should communicate to journalists. The inaugural gathering will be in the SF Bay Area's WeWork office in Berkeley on September 13 and on September 14 in LA. 

Register here for the Bay Area event. 

Register here for the Los Angeles event.

We're looking for folks to be actively involved and if you are interested, contact us now

Former television host and wellness advocate Montel Williams (one of the highest-profile medical cannabis advocates in the country) is launching a line of innovative, high quality medical cannabis products for patients under the brand name LenitivLabs by Lenitiv Scientific, LLC.  LenitivLabs' line of proprietary products utilize the latest cannabis manufacturing technologies and research to bring patients the highest quality and consistency available. Patients will feel safe knowing there are no harmful additives and the products will be clearly labeled and packaged in consistent, standardized doses.

Online cannabis connection's Trade Desk is an online trading platform that seamlessly connects marijuana producers, processors, and dispensaries. CannaFo's Trade Desk platform provides connection opportunities in four sections: Connect, Buy, Sell and Pricing. Together they work to allow producers, processors and dispensaries the time to focus on their businesses, rather than hunt for connections. "It's difficult for growers and retailers to find each other. What we offer with Trade Desk is seamless connection," says President, Kelly Martin. "We are advocates for the cannabis industry. We are trying to help and improve it..."

More Cali growth forecast
Whitney Economics LLP released its revenue and job forecast for San Bernardino if Measure O wins at the ballot this November. The report projects that Measure O will generate between $19,500,000 and $24,800,000 in revenue for San Bernardino's general fund in addition to 2,750 jobs. 

"Measure O will reduce the significant unemployment rate and establish and regulate businesses that would normally support the illicit market," notes the forecast author and Professor of Economics Beau Whitney. "Measure O makes good economic sense for the citizens of San Bernardino."

More US adults: Pot not so harmful 
In a report published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry yesterday, federal researchers conclude that pot use began increasing in about 2007, coinciding with a drop in the number of Americans who see the drug as harmful. Researchers studied data from nearly 600,000 adults aged 18 or older who took part in the annual US National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) from 2002 to 2014. In 2002, 10.4 percent of respondents had used marijuana in the year prior to taking the survey. By 2014, that number rose to 13.3 percent - an increase of 10 million people. In the same period, the number of first-time marijuana users and the prevalence of daily or near-daily use also increased. Read the whole thing here.