The Shining, Part 2
The grow lights market is expected to be valued at $4.19 billion by 2022. A key influencing factor for the growth of the market? The emergence of vertical farming to meet the growing demands for fresh horticultural produce in urban areas across the world. Oh yeah, and the legalization of growing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in North America. LED grow lights are expected to be the most preferred grow lights technology between 2016 and 2022. The growth is attributed to the improved energy efficiency offered by LED technology, long operational life, and the ability to vary the light spectrum depending on the type of plant being grown and its current growth stage. 

Here's... Tommy
Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is now the exclusive partner with comedian Tommy Chong's Choice cannabis products. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is carrying Tommy Chong's high quality strains Blue Dream, Grape Stomper and Durban Haze. Chong's Choice, founded by legendary comedian and cannabis advocate Tommy Chong, provides the highest quality cannabis products in several states. Tommy's passion about cannabis began long before the legalization process began and has continued for decades making him a very well-known advocate for the cannabis movement. 

California: Opening up the flood gates
If California legalizes recreational marijuana in November, it could "cause a flood of venture capital to enter the market for cannabis startups." At a conference earlier in the week, investors say California's home to a wealth of investors "could channel their capital into the market should it become less risky to invest in." Read the whole piece here.