Oregon: No trick, just a (re)treat
In late October at a private retreat space set on 25 acres of Oregon's spectacular wine country and just 90 minutes outside of Portland, a small group of meditators and seekers will gather to explore the nexus between cannabis and spirituality. Guided by Zen Buddhist Trevor Fenwick, and supported by Oregon entrepreneur and founder of Smuggle Portland Renee Spears, participants in the first-of-its-kind Sacred Marijuana and Meditation Retreat will explore various traditions of how cannabis can contribute to their mindfulness.  "With the stigma around cannabis starting to subside in post-prohibition states like Oregon, it is exciting to bring people into conversations that until now have taken place only in the shadows," said Spears. 

New pen provides therapeutic benefits
hmbldt today announced the launch of its first products designed to work with a patient's physiology via their endocannabinoid system. hmbldt's targeted formulas for Bliss, Sleep, Calm and Relief are delivered as precise dosages through the patented hmbldt dose pen, a proprietary device designed exclusively by hmbldt to help patients receive the therapeutic benefits of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant while mitigating the risk of intoxication. hmbldt determines the balance of cannabis compounds that deliver functional benefits to the human body through interaction with the endocannabinoid system, a group of receptors located in the nervous and immune systems, and creates targeted formulas to deliver a consistent and predictable response while moderating the psychoactive effects of cannabis. 

Cali Cannabis Marketing Association? Join!
Wow. What an amazing turnout of our community. We're talking about our premiere events in Northern and Southern California centered around new chapters of the Cannabis Marketing Association. Here's the scoop: Higher Ground's co-founder and marketing director Robert O'Shaughnessy is collaborating with the NCIA and Lisa Buffo and Paul Cullen Rowe, founders of the Cannabis Marketing Association in Boulder, to open chapters of the group in the SF Bay Area and Southern California. 

Each event was lots of fun and super informative -- and we have upcoming events!  

In the Bay Area in October, KIVA Confections will lead a conversation on design. In November in Southern California, the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) will talk about post-election communications. 

Interested in attending? We're looking for folks to be actively involved. Get in touch!