Get involved - let's talk!
Higher Ground's co-founder and marketing director Robert O'Shaughnessy is collaborating with the NCIA and Lisa Buffo and Paul Cullen Rowe, founders of the Cannabis Marketing Association in Boulder, to open chapters of the group in the SF Bay Area and Southern California. It will be one of the NCIA's active councils. 

Here's the scoop: The group will host frequent networking events with a dynamic speaker sharing actionable "how to" advice of interest to everyone trying to get the word out about what they're up to in our industry. 

The first speaker will be best-selling author and journalist David Downs. He'll be sharing pro tips on how brands should communicate to journalists. The inaugural gathering will be in the SF Bay Area's WeWork office in Berkeley on September 13 and onSeptember 14 in LA. 

Register here for the Bay Area event. 

Register here for the Los Angeles event.

We're looking for folks to be actively involved and if you are interested, contact us now

Entering the Native American marketplace
Medical Marijuana, Inc. and HempMeds have announced a partnership with CannaNative to produce the "first-ever cannabis product line for the Native American marketplace." (CannaNative is the premiere Native American-owned and operated company that uses cannabis to develop opportunities for economic development on American Indian lands.) 

Through the partnership, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and HempMeds will produce health and wellness cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from industrial hemp for the CannaNative-branded line, which will be distributed to tribal wellness centers on reservations and native doctor's offices, pharmacies and dispensaries. The partnership and products are intended to help the more than 560 U.S. tribal nations develop hemp and cannabis-based economies to protect their sovereignty

Home for sale: Includes a green garden
There's a possible new home amenity that's NOT a granite countertop: marijuana garden. A listing for a home for sale near Portland (because, of course) revealed a photo of the plants. There was no flowery prose by the Realtor description in the ad (now removed) but it was described as "a charming home with LOTS to offer." Heh. 

Watch the clip for more.

Patients need access to medical marijuana
A new poll released yesterday commissioned by Eaze, the leading medical marijuana technology company, reveals a dramatic shift in public sentiment: residents of Los Angeles overwhelmingly believe patients should have access to medical marijuana through delivery services. Results show that a whopping 75% of residents are in favor of reforming Proposition D to allow for medical marijuana delivery.

Key findings from this poll include:

  • LA voters favor medical marijuana delivery: 75% of residents are in favor of permitting medical marijuana to be delivered to patients within the city of Los Angeles.
  • Voters do not believe Prop D has worked: two-thirds of Los Angeles residents are in favor of reforming Prop D.
  • LA residents believe in medical marijuana: 90% agree that a patient should be permitted to use medical marijuana under the direction of their doctor.
  • Delivery is a safe option: 60% of respondents said that safe, regulated delivery would not lead to more crime and would not lead to children having greater access to marijuana.
  • Bans are ineffective and encourage the illicit market: 75% say marijuana is here to stay and bans are not effective.

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