How much in a joint?
So, how much marijuana does the average joint contain? Until now, there's been no consensus. Previous research suggested a single joint held anywhere from 0.3 to 0.75 grams of cannabis, with some users reporting amounts as high as 1 gram. The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy used 0.5 grams as its baseline. Now, RAND Corporation has a new answer. According to their analysis, on average, a single joint contains 0.32 grams of marijuana. They obtained this estimate by plugging into a drug-pricing model information from more than 10,000 marijuana transactions during 11 years and from more than 40 communities. Now you know. 

North Carolina's Amended Hemp Bill Signed
Hemp, Inc. executives are pleased to announce that in North Carolina, home to Hemp, Inc.'s multi-purpose industrial hemp decortication facility, Governor Pat McCrory has signed into law House Bill 992, which "modifies the industrial hemp research program by clarifying the definition of research purposes and the responsibilities of licenses, creating civil and criminal penalties for violations of the industrial hemp program, and granting rule-making authority to the Industrial Hemp Commission." The ratified bill also adds four appointees to the NC Industrial Hemp Commission. Congrats. 

Green meets food and bev
Puration, Inc. has announced a campaign to brand the company's cannabis extracts as the leading concentrates infused into recognized food and beverage consumer products (we're not sure who yet). Puration "utilizes highly refined cannabis extraction processes to deliver a variety of consistently high-quality cannabis extracts."  The company says it's developing collaboration agreements with food and beverage companies to co-market food and beverage consumer products infused with Puration's cannabis extracts.

Proprietary CBD product gets the nod
Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, H Smart, Inc., has received patent pending status, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary Cannabidiol (CBD) formulation that they say promotes and supports brain health.The MCOA team has been working with formulators to develop a "unique and proprietary formulation of CBD and supporting ingredients that promote neurogenesis." The company is in the process of manufacturing, branding, labeling, and website development to prepare for product launch.