It just got easier to roll
mCig, Inc. is expanding its services with something they call Rollies - both a cannabis cigarette brand and manufacturer. After rigorous testing, Rollies is now offering a filling service for dispensaries within medical and recreational marijuana states. Rollies will provide various services to cannabis dispensaries, producers and growers by offering a wide variety of pre-rolled smoking tubes that are filled with the clients' favorite strains of cannabis. By utilizing MCIG's table top filling machines, a single operator can produce approximately 300-350 perfectly and evenly filled cannabis cigarettes of different sizes and formats per hour. This will provide cannabis growers and retailers with significantly improved quality, brand consistency and volume capabilities of their pre-rolled cannabis line, while reducing the need for outsourcing.

More IoT and weed
HempTech Corp. announced that it has shipped two grow.droid systems to Colorado and California. Systems will be used as demos for distributors in those territories. The grow.droid™ is a "micro-growery" IoT production environment designed to be "plug 'n play," all-inclusive and fully automated. Engineered for easy operation so users can start growing immediately with a Return on Investment Guaranteed in 6-12 months with one system. The grow.droid system comes with CognetiX™ Promo, an Environment Control Cabinet, with 10" HMI, Grow Tent, Hydroponics, R/O reservoir, exhaust and recirculating fans, Mithra Intelligent LED Lighting, CO2 regulation, automated nutrient dosing, pH regulation, Environmental Sensors, HVAC and/or water chiller, HD video camera, customized dashboard and mobile communication module.

Are you a social media outcast?
If you've wondered why your Facebook or Instragram account or weed-related post mysteriously disappeared, you'll want to read this piece on how it all really doesn't make sense. Is there a Borg that determines this? An intern? Who within the walls are making these (borderline comical) choices? We're not frustrated. Nope. Not at all. 

Shout out to NCIA
Earlier in the week we attended the Oregon Quarterly Cannabis Caucus in Portland put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association. Great event. We met some awesome folks - real passionate - from local entrepreneurs to state legislators. We learned what's happening at the federal level (#somuchbureaucracy) on legalization and how we - as an industry - can help move it along. On the same note, as part of the NCIA, CMAs (Cannabis Marketing Associations) are being launched in Northern and Southern California and soon in Portland and elsewhere. The CMA Boulder team has shared its excellent model for future associations. Interested in learning more? Get in touch!