It's been a good week
I don't use the phrase "mind blown" too often but in this case, and our participation at this week's Cannabis Business Summit in Oakland, well, mind blown. From the exhibitors to speakers to the Bay Area Marketing Standards Council meeting, we met some smart people, big-thinkers, and passionate people. I'm excited about our industry. (And, if you're a marketing pro in the Bay Area, we'd love to have you join us. Email me for more info.)

Connect with cannabis pros
Speaking of the NCIA, they're partnering with Brainsy, Inc., to unveil the Cannabis Expert Calling Network, a knowledge-sharing platform connecting cannabis industry experts with information-seekers and entrepreneurs online or via paid telephone consultations. At the core of the Cannabis ECN platform are knowledge-sharing tools including Brainsy's patented ECN transactional calling platform. Experts also have access to features of the Personal Media ECN, including the ECN InCallĀ® badge which enables experts to monetize their social media presence on other platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Prime watching
Raise your hands - who's watching VICE's Weediquette? We're not entertainment reviewers by any stretch of the imagination but this is solid work. The series, hosted by VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu, "explores these heady times by meeting the people whose lives hang in the balance of our new pot paradigm." One episode that really stood out was "Emerald Triangle," where the host visited small farms in Mendocino County and interviewed farmers about how they're preparing for the wave of corporate farms. Insightful stuff. 

Nice package has launched child resistant packaging that is lightweight, highly protective and compliant with U.S. government regulations for childproof containers. (Child resistant packaging is used by companies to mitigate the risk of poisoning in children is required for emerging brands in the medical marijuana industry.) The child resistant bags feature a scientifically developed slide-locking mechanism with comprehensive opening instructions, making the packaging intuitive for adult consumers to open but difficult for children to get into. Users must push the small lever up, then pull the zipper out to access the items inside. To re-close, consumers push the zipper lock until they hear a "click" from the bottom lever.