We're stoked to launch a new feature on our blog. We're calling it "Three questions with..." Each post will feature a different company and its answers to our questions - three of them - and the same for each company. 

For our inaugural post we asked Cannabis Vape Reviews our questions. This is how they answered. Interested in participating? GIve us a shout here

What does your product and/or service do/perform?
Cannabis Vape Reviews helps consumers learn about the best medical cannabis vaporizer products on the market through honest and unbiased reviews. We review all vape products from cannabis oils, concentrates and emerging vaporizer technologies from small to large name brands. Additionally, we connect consumers to the locations and services that offer safe and easy access to these products.

What changes have you seen in the last few years in the MJ industry? Why are they important?
In recent years, the cannabis industry has experienced countless innovations in vaporizer technology and cannabis extraction. These innovations have led to an explosion of emerging vape brands along with a whole new range of concentrate products and delivery methods/devices that did not previously exist.

These changes have vastly expanded the way cannabis is consumed and offer healthier and more sophisticated ways for medical cannabis patients to consume their medicines.

Where do you see the industry headed - and how will your company make an impact?
As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more consumers become educated on the benefits of vaping over traditional combustion methods, the interest in vaping will skyrocket. The vape market is quickly becoming flooded and with so many vape products currently available, it's becoming increasingly difficult for even the most experienced cannabis consumer to understand all the options available to them.

Cannabis Vape Reviews aims to become the go-to source for informing the industry on what's what in the vape market - highlighting brands that produce quality products and exposing the drivers behind vaporizer innovation. Ultimately, we are connecting consumers with the medical cannabis products that improve the quality of life.

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