Ohio gets the green light
We've been following Ohio and its efforts to legalize for more than a year now and it looks like they're ready to roll as its governor and former 2016 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich signed a bill this week to legalize medical marijuana. Things won't happen quickly (we're talking a couple of years), with numerous steps in place before Ohioans can merely walk into a dispensary. Ohio is now the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. Speaking of states, Arizona is gearing up and currently accepting dispensary registration certificate applications

Using mega-data to fight cancer
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. has filed a PCT Application with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) entitled a "System and Method for High Throughput Screening of Cancer Cells." Its proprietary high throughput screening process is designed to generate mega-data of specific cannabinoids and cannabinoid formulations with antitumor properties. In this proprietary process biopsies and live cancer cells lines are treated, In vitro, with innumerous combinations of cannabinoids. The resulting antitumor effects are screened, categorized and actually visually displayed. The data enables doctors to provide a personalized and tailored therapy to cancer patients with the potential of reducing the tumor.

Green tech of the week: Releaf App
According to its founders, the Releaf App was designed "under the basic principle that there had to be a better way to manage and demystify the world of medical cannabis for those in pain." Users let the app know how they feel throughout their cannabis session. This will help them recognize successful patterns in their usage, like what worked, how long did it last, and how it made them feel. App users can choose from intuitive physical and emotional icons to track how specific ailment lessens during a medical cannabis session. Releaf then analyzes patterns based on a user's medical cannabis usage and generates post-session and aggregate statistics to users create a nuanced, individual treatment plan. Want to try it? The app is available for iPhone here.  

Energy efficiency and MJ production: Oregon plans for the future
LED lights, energy-efficient strategies, using less water. Sounds like traditional crops or industrial facilities. It kind of is. MJ growing facilities use huge amounts of energy and water - in Colorado, MJ production is responsible for "2 percent of the state's electrical load and 45 percent of all new demand coming online." So, what's Oregon's next move? A task force "made up of growers, agency representatives and lawmakers that will meet and make recommendations" to the state. This one is worth following