Oregon city paves way for energy efficient grow facility
Earlier in the week in Hillsboro (near Portland, OR), the city council approved land use rules and regulations for the cannabis industry. This ruling sets in motion the development of a major 20 million dollar energy efficient marijuana grow facility. It is hoped that this facility will be a demonstration project of how the cannabis industry can use power responsibly by dramatically reducing power consumption. The 130,000 sq. ft. indoor marijuana grow facility will be a community of growers, processors, wholesalers, research facilities and testing labs. 

Government agencies get help with compliance monitoring
Adherence Compliance and MGO CPAs & Advisors announced a strategic alliance this week that will help government agencies establish cannabis compliance monitoring programs for city, county and state agencies. "By leveraging Adherence's cloud-based Enterprise Compliance Platform and SCORE Application, MGO now has access to a tool with the most up-to-date compliance regulations and requirements for California," said Scott P. Johnson, MGO's State and Local Governmental Advisory Services Partner.

Germany goes (really) green
Germany announced this week that it plans to legalize medical marijuana by 2017. "The German cabinet decided Monday to approve the measure for seriously ill patients who have consulted with a doctor and have no therapeutic alternative."

An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg
Chances are, you "cough" know a company "cough" or are a company that has been outright banned by Facebook or has been limited in what they can post. In this mic-dropping editorial, Lauren Gibbs presents Zuckerberg with a few ideas on loosening what content can be posted on Facebook (and Instagram). Here's one idea: 

Adapt the terms of service to allow individuals and businesses to post cannabis content that is considered legal in the state(s) where they operate. Provide guardrails that allow businesses to geo-target and age-restrict their content to match the laws in the state(s) where they operate.

The whole piece is a must-read. Read it here.