Higher Ground’s weekly look at some of our favorite design and branding initiatives in the cannabis industry.

Product: Dixie Chocolate Truffles

About the product: Pure vanilla extract meets pure CO2-extracted THC to make Dixie Chocolate Truffles both “sweet and exciting.” These handcrafted treats are made with cocoa, organic heavy whipping cream and French vanilla chocolate and infused with 300 mg of THC.

Company: Dixie is a “trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products.”

Why we like the design: The sleek and contemporary look is a reference to its contents, while the inventive use of the DIXIE logo, complemented by a nice contrast provided by the package’s side pattern with minimal type and treatment, allows for a quick read. The design elevates the brand while making a strong and lasting impression, and gives a firm idea of the quality and sensibility of these truffles. Simply put, this looks like something to be involved with, and entices potential customers to buy.