Will feds reclassify cannabis?
You probably already read that the DEA is considering reclassifying cannabis to a different group (it's currently in the same classification as heroin) which could change the legalization landscape across the country. Does this mean weed will be legal in U.S. and easy to buy? That remains to be seen

Here comes BIG data
Big data - the buzzword of 2015 - is still buzzing. With massive loads of data out there, how is it being captured, molded and used to help companies remain competitive? Experts say data will play a huge role in the growth of the cannabis industry. Data services could include services that"track everything from plant cultivation to consumer purchasing trends, helping marijuana retailers comply with state regulations and optimize their inventory to meet demand."

Weed fueling grow lights market
A new report says that the grow lights market is expected to be valued at USD 4.19 billion by 2022. A key influencing factor for the growth of the market is the emergence of vertical farming to meet the growing demands for fresh horticultural produce in urban areas across the world. The other huge factor. Yep. Weed. The legalization of growing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in North America is another factor that is encouraging the demand for grow lights in the market. Of course, LED is leading the way. 

Greenbiz of the week: XABIS on the move
XABIS, Inc., a Colorado-based company is entering into new service contracts in Nevada and Maryland. This lets XABIS provide a complete turnkey solution for the cannabis processing needs of their clients.  These services include facility design, equipment sourcing, hiring, management of processing personnel, extraction, product development and the manufacturing of finished product.