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Last year, on 4/20/15, we launched the Higher Ground agency and haven't looked back. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a friend of the agency.

We have some schwag we'd like to give a lucky winner but first, we'd like to share with you key events and what we've learned over the twelve months.

March 2015: All agencies aren't created equal. We planned Higher Ground when we saw that advertising, marketing and PR could be done better.

April 2015: We flipped the "on" switch on the website on 4/20/15.

May 2015: Our first client, Bolder Cannabis and Extracts, came on board, giving us a glimpse into the passion of the industry.

June 2015: The industry's growth, we discovered, was occurring at a break-neck speed, with states increasingly legalizing marijuana.

July 2015: We established ourselves with the media by placing our clients in publications, ranging from Forbes to Upstart.

August 2015: The media want more than just success stories - they're beyond that. They want to know how companies are killing it (yep, we can help you with that).

September 2015: Social media is tricky. (That's all we'll say for now on THAT topic.)

October 2015: No two states, cities or even counties are the same. Each have their own laws and regs. It's complicated.

November 2015: Many states aren't ready - as the elections showed us. They'll be back this year.

December 2015: Marijuana companies need great branding. The days of using the "next door neighbor's cousin that's a designer" are over. No more DIY. Hire a branding pro (like us).

January 2016: New year, new laws, some hard, some easy.

February 2016: We attended our first conference as a company. We were blown away by the passion and intelligence. We're lucky to be in this industry.

March 2016: We're readying our new website, adding new staff, and are ready to take on the rest of 2016. 

April 2016: Here we are, one year later. Our passion and excitement hasn't dimmed and we look forward to what lies ahead.

To celebrate, we'd like to give you a cool cap. To enter to win, send us your email address and name. We'll draw the names from the hat, wrap it up and send it you.