Yay, sportsball!
Thirty ex-NFL players are teaming up with a Cali cannabis company to test medical marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain and depression (a common trait in many ex-NFL players). The move "comes in the wake of increasing reports on the physical and mental anguish retired football players face, including a potentially debilitating brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)." The players have partnered with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, an organization that promotes awareness about the effectiveness of the drug. Read the Daily Beast piece here. 

GreenBiz of the week: Nug Run
Nug Run, a Sacramento based startup is offering a curated approach on the cannabis experience. Known as the NatureBox for Cannabis, Nug Run's subscription service allows users to sign up, obtain verification and have their "Nugboxes" delivered to them in the comfort of their own home. NugBoxes pair all-natural cannabis with edibles by pairing naturally occurring "Terpenes" in the cannabis with food. "Nug Run celebrates craft California cannabis farming by providing all-natural medicine in unique, creative, and fun ways," said Nick Ocampo, Founder and CEO of Nug Run.

Waiter, there's some weed in my juice
Speaking of delivery - here's a special little somethin' somethin' with your juice delivery: weed. A juice delivery service in Washington, DC, is delivering beverages with a side of pot and the company says it's perfectly legal - since they're gifting it, not selling it. Each purchase of juice comes with a "donation" of weed that also makes the order a bit more expensive. Genius or misguided? Read the piece here.

Tech roundup
Here's an inside look at how tech is helping drive the market. Founders and CEOs explain how weed is creating new markets for new technologies, such as a start-up developing "EEG brain scan technology that would allow doctors to recommend specific strains of medical marijuana based on the results of a scan." Cool stuff.