Is legalization causing a drop border arrests?
The Washington Post reports that new data from the U.S. Border Patrol reveals that marijuana seizures along the southwest border fell to levels not seen in a decade. Border Patrol agents “snagged roughly 1.5 million pounds of marijuana at the border, down from a peak of nearly 4 million pounds in 2009.”

Marijuana myths die hard
A recent study believes that chemicals found in pot might help relieve symptoms of depression – and not cause it, which has been a well-known talking point for anti-weedsters. In other words, “people who regularly use pot are more frequently diagnosed with depression than those who don’t, but that doesn’t mean marijuana causes depression.” Teen Vogue (yes, Teen Vogue) has the in-depth piece here.

Speaking of myths…
I won't go schizo, will I? (No doubt, one of the best lines and scenes from Animal House). No, you won’t go schizo, nor will smoking pot lead you to harder drugs. These and other myths (wait, it doesn’t make me more creative?) are debunked in a fun post from Elite Daily.

Wanted: Film collaborators
GreenTree Wheels, a San Francisco Bay Area mobile dispensary, is partnering with Hollywood production company Not 4 Nothing Productions to offer their expertise in the development and production of an inspirational film that outlines the positive benefits of medicinal cannabis. They’re currently seeking other members of the industry to partner in the effort in both investments and consultation. To get involved check out or email!