The power of three
Ohio. It's back. With a vengeance. It has no less than three ballot issues in the works to legalize marijuana. Polls are showing that 8 in 10 Ohioans want weed legal for medicinal use. How do you keep track of the ballots and what's happening?  Read this piece now.

Pot: Am I hot or not?
We all know that weed is going mainstream and the industry is growing at a very fast pace. How fast? Here are some ways (broken down in this excellent article): weed outsold booze in a Colorado town last year, it's attracting a new type of celebrity (beyond Tommy Chong and Snoop), domestic production is slowing down illegal weed from Mexico, and there are huge economic impacts (e.g. lots of money to be made). So, weed? You're hot. Definitely hot.

Doctor at your door
HelloMD launched an Apple iOS smartphone App this week that will allow patients throughout California access to medical marijuana consultations, dispensaries, and the ability to join and securely share records with participating dispensaries and providers.   The App offers full on-demand video contact with doctors seven days a week, and complements the already successful browser based service accessed by thousands of patient's each week. "We see a real knowledge gap as patients enter the marijuana market for the first time," said Dr. Perry Solomon, HelloMD's Chief Medical Officer. 

GreenBiz of the week: MassRoots
You've no doubt heard about legal shops and dispensaries being shut down on various social media channels. One day their pages are there, then, in a puff of smoke, they're gone, along with hard-earned followers and even damaged revenue streams. EnterMassRoots, a social media platform for marijuana. It's one of the largest and most active technology platforms for cannabis consumers, businesses and activists and just announced it has crossed 775,000 users on its network. They're expecting to cross one million users shortly before 4/20/2016.