Bud and Breakfast
A new bed and breakfast business in Colorado (where else?) offers stone fireplaces, home-cooked meals, cozy surroundings, oh, and, “a complimentary bar of seven marijuana strains, and more than a dozen different implements to smoke them out of.”  That’s one of the cooler, intriguing business models we’ve read about.

LED lights shine on the industry
LEDs last longer, burn brighter and save energy. It makes sense that growers are increasingly turning to the technology. One entrepreneur is taking the budding LED market seriously by “designing and building prototypes of LED panels to grow indoors” – and he’s raised close to $1 million dollars. The 500-watt panels he’s designed have 176 LED lights and sell for $1,695 with a smaller version for just under $1k coming out later in 2016. 

Etsy meets High Times
Cali residents take note: the first retail website focused on selling artisanal cannabis products has launched. Called Sava, the site will promote quality health and small business, while helping to introduce the benefits of medical marijuana to a larger audience. Sava will work closely with reputable medically focused cannabis organizations such as HelloMD and Green Health Consultants and advises patients to seek the advice of a healthcare professional for dosage recommendations. 

New medical dispensary opens in Vegas
Terra Tech Corp. has announced the grand opening of its medical cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. Located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, the Western Avenue dispensary will offer patients the company's proprietary brand of medical cannabis, including flowers, shatters, waxes and oils, among other cannabis products from a range of reputable providers of superior grade medical cannabis. Western Las Vegas is the first of four retail medical cannabis dispensaries slated to open in Nevada in 2016.