Grow your own in Canada
Canada’s Federal Court has ruled that prescription holders can now grow their own weed or have someone else do it for them. This brings the DIY ethos right back to ground zero and is another move by the Canada’s new leader to legalize.

New markets await
We just got back from CannaCon last week in Seattle and are buzzed (pun intended) about our industry right now! We met some awesome companies and people doing amazing stuff. This piece illustrates the entrepreneur spirit that is in full blossom.

New tech on the horizon
Speaking of Cannacon, we met up with the CannaKorp’s Greg James at the show. We last wrote about the company back in November, so it was cool to see the product in person and in action. CannaKorp is developing a system similar to a vaporizer system that uses pre-packed pods to provide an easier, more consistent experience, from purchase to inhalation. It’s this kind of innovation that will drive our industry.

Budding media
Another entrepreneurial spirit we love in the industry is new media sprouting up. We had the chance to visit with’s Amanda Tolbert. They’re a media company that has several shows hosted by celebs. They’re a “live broadcast studio that marries iconic celebrities to emerging technology” through interviews and discussions with a team of seasoned hosts and pros. Slick production, too. Check them out