Come join us in Berkeley!
We'd like to invite you to the next Bay Area Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) meeting on December 14 in Berkeley.

A meeting of like-minded cannabis professionals, this meeting we will host a panel of local cannabis marketing professionals for a candid discussion on their unique use cases for social media. Learn how some of the top brands in the Bay Area that are engaging this proven communication channel to promote and grow their businesses.

Panelists will address questions from CMA moderators, Victor Pinho from Berkeley Patients Group and Robert O'Shaughnessy from Higher Ground Agency. There will be plenty of time for a great Q&A session. Join us as we meet to unlock some of the best-kept secrets in cannabis social media marketing.

The goal of the CMA is to build local communities in which cannabis entrepreneurs can cultivate effective and responsible marketing and PR practices through speaker events, workshops, and networking.

Come join us and let's build a solid community together. 

CannaKorp Announces New Advisor and Partner
CannaKorp has announced new additions to its growing team and ecosystem. Harvard-trained Cannabis expert, Dr. Jordan Tishler, has officially joined the team's Board of Advisors. Tishler is a leading expert on Cannabis therapeutics, with over 100 articles on "Cannabis as Medicine" available on his website, as well as a frequent resource for national media stories. 

CannaKorp also continues to expand its cultivator partner ecosystem with numerous growers and processors in key states in the US as well as Canada. While continuing its march to market launch in 2017, CannaKorp adds the Colorado-based licensed cultivator, Bolder Cannabis -- a well-respected, quality grower, processor and distributor.

"CannaKorp's partner ecosystem is a vital component of the superior Cannabis experience that CannaKorp will deliver to consumers and patients," stated James Winokur, CannaKorp CEO and Co-Founder.

New report on cannabis pesticides
Steep Hill today published an early report on the prevalence of pesticide contamination in the medical cannabis supply chain in California. According to "quantified pesticide analysis," 84.3% of cannabis samples submitted in Steep Hill's Berkeley lab tested positive for pesticide residues. These results were significantly higher than expected and are cause for concern for California cannabis consumers. 

Myclobutanil, typically sprayed on California grapes, almonds and strawberries, is legally listed as a "general use pesticide," but heating up the chemical, as is the case when smoking cannabis, converts Myclobutanil into Hydrogen Cyanide. Hydrogen Cyanide is a Schedule 3 substance under the Chemical Weapons Convention.  Of paramount concern is the extremely high level of Myclobutanil detected in cannabis samples tested by Steep Hill, which is in excess of 65% of all samples. Worth watching. 

Welcome, W!NK, to the Higher Ground family!
We have a new client that we're really excited about: W!NK. We'll be helping with communications as they are introduced in several states. We feel really confident that they are going to be a "big hit" and that's all we'll say for now. You'll know a lot about them at this time next year.