We’d like to invite you to the next Bay Area Cannabis Marketing Association (CMA) meeting on December 14 in Berkeley.

A meeting of like-minded cannabis professionals, this meeting we will host a panel of local cannabis marketing professionals for a candid discussion on their unique use cases for social media. Learn how some of the top brands in the Bay Area that are engaging this proven communication channel to promote and grow their businesses.

Panelists include:

   Brandy Petricka, Director of Marketing, Dark Heart Industries

   Matthew Cote, Marketing Director, RVR Distribution

   Amber E. Senter, Director, Magnolia Wellness

Panelists will address questions from CMA moderators, Victor Pinho from Berkeley Patients Group and Robert O'Shaughnessy from Higher Ground Agency. There will be plenty of time for a great Q&A session. Join us as we meet to unlock some of the best-kept secrets in cannabis social media marketing.

The goal of the CMA is to build local communities in which cannabis entrepreneurs can cultivate effective and responsible marketing and PR practices through speaker events, workshops, and networking.

Come join us and let’s build a solid community together.

To sign up for the meeting and to become a member, go here.


We look forward to seeing you!