I'm excited to announce that our client, Elemental Wellness Center, has announced a new website, working with the Higher Ground website team to design and produce www.elementalsanjose.com.

The page is reached by folks in the San Jose area who will have seen a variety of billboards directing them to this cannabis landing page to learn more about the products and dispensary. Elemental is ahead of the curve in many ways, including creating wellness programs for underserved communities. This campaign is part of that broader outreach effort.

When you visit www.elementalsanjose.com, you’ll see the page design is attractive, consistent with branding, integrates with various tracking tools to measure and monitor results, and tightly integrates with the primary website. A redirect is in place and all links are tracked to understand what is resonating with visitors.

Higher Ground is pleased to work with a leader in the industry and is proud to share with you the fruits of our labor.   



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