Coffee, tea or weed?
Happy New Year! Let’s get rolling for 2016!

We haven’t covered Alaska much in the past, but lo and behold they’ve gone and done something cool: pot cafes where users (21+) can hang out and consume edibles. The plan still needs final approval from officials but would make these cafes gathering places for users outside of their homes (which is strictly regulated now).

How to fail (or not)
No on wants to fail but if you do, perhaps there are missteps you took – or steps you didn’t take. We’ve mentioned Hilary Bricken’s excellent writing in the past and she comes out swinging with an excellent piece on how many businesses fail by not playing by the rules, bypassing the rules or taking short cuts. Read her piece. And don’t be that business.

Facebook for weed?
Ok, not quite, but one tech entrepreneur has an idea called MassRoots, a social network where members can find and engage with fellow pot smokers, post plant pics and share news. That idea is just one of many new ones that the tech world is developing for 2016. And even more interesting, there’s an increase of tech and finance executives coming over to the “green side.” are joining in. Needless to say, 2016 is going to see an increase in the marriage of tech and weed.

Oy, weed
If you were to ask us what we thought would transpire in 2016, we wouldn’t have thought of this: kosher medical cannabis (including vaporization cartridges, oils and capsules). Vireo Health is planning on marketing kosher-certified marijuana (certified by the Orthodox Union) next month. Vireo is a group of scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals who have built a “comprehensive plan for cannabis-derived medication to help a variety of patients in need.” Indeed.