Green in Vermont
Vermont is considering the legalization of recreational marijuana. The bill being introduced would remove civil penalties for the possession of an ounce or less for 21+ users. The bill would also introduce stiffer penalties for 21+ users who provide marijuana (or alcohol) to minors. Seems like a good compromise to us.

Study: Medical users go vape
People who use marijuana for medical purposes are much more likely to vaporize or consume edible forms of the drug than recreational users, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

The study surveyed people from four western states that have legalized medical marijuana, also found that those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes are more likely to report daily or near-daily use and consume more as measured by grams per day.

Instagrammers get a warning
Are you one of the millions of people on Instagram posting pics? Are you posting pics of yourself smoking weed legally (assuming you live in an area where it’s legal)? It could get you dinged, like six-figure fine, jail-time dinged. According to a former DEA agent, marijuana is still illegal, federally, which can cause some serious problems. Instagram has rules on posting “unlawful” pics and is weighing in on how to handle.

Public debates in Mexico
We wrote last year about Mexico considering legalizing marijuana.  Now Mexican lawmakers are launching a national debate with public hearings on when and how to regulate. Issues will be raised, while citizens can speak about the importance of legalization (or not legalizing). Those opposed to legalization say the debates are a charade. Either way, the debates should provide a pulse on where Mexico is headed.