Weedy attraction
Imagine an amusement park for weed. That's kind of what's in the plans for a new tourist attraction in Denver. The Smokin' Gun, described as a recreational amusement store, is a real thing. Open until midnight, the store will feature pillars designed as spliffs, smoke machines, and LED displays. 

Not your uncle's grow operation
Remember former NBA player Cliff Robinson (aka Uncle Cliffy)? Well, he's jumping back into the game and he's calling the new veture...Uncle Spliffy. So far there's a registered domain and space for a website. The grow operation, in Portland, Ore., promises product by the end of 2016. There's a Blazers' joke in there somewhere. 

Arizona weighs in
According to a new report from Arizona's Department of Health Services, since last year, medical marijuana patients in the state smoked, ate or consumed more than 19 tons of weed last year. NINETEEN TONS. According to the report, other fun facts include: the biggest purchase day of the year appears to be New Year's Eve, while male patients outnumber females by 2-to-1. That's impressive. 

Ohio: It ain't over yet
When last year's vote failed to legalize, we figured Ohio would keep trying to get something back on the ballot. Well, the Marijuana Policy Project (PPP) plans to propose a "constitutional amendment establishing a medical marijuana system similar to those in 23 other states and the District of Columbia." Here's a link to PPP's website for more information.

Seattle on board for delivery service
Seattle city leaders want to start the nation's first recreational marijuana delivery service. The mayor and city attorney are pledging support for a bill that would start as a two-year pilot project for the service. Five licensed retailers would operate the service to customers 21 and older and drive product to homes. No word yet if pizza is on the menu.