Build your empire
Adam Weiss, co-founder of Bolder Cannabis and Extracts, was there at the beginning in Colorado. So, when he offers advice on how to successfully launch a cannabis (or any, really) business, readers should take note. Here’s one takeaway: don’t cut corners and always be in compliance. There is no room for error here.

Arizona on the way to legalization?
We had a feeling 2016 was going to be a big year for legalization and Arizona is proving us correct. A legalization campaign is near its goal (150,000 signatures) to place legalization on the November ballot for recreational use and establishing a network of licensed shops.

New year in Oregon means taxes
On Jan. 1, the grace period ended for getting taxed on cannabis purchases in Oregon. The 25% tax will get replaced by a 17% tax, once the state liquor control office takes over. Depending on whom you speak with, the tax – like death – is just a part of life. Some dispensaries are reporting indifference with the hike, while others report that customers are going back to “that one guy I know” (e.g., the black market).

Colorado field trip
Let’s say you’re a Massachusetts politician. There’slegalization on the November ballot. If it passes, there are going to be many questions asked. So, how do you prepare?  A field trip to Colorado dispensaries of course! That’s exactly what happened as a group of legislators traveled to Colorado, visited dispensaries and asked a lot of questions to prepare. “Do I roll it?” Yes, yes you do.